Steam for Linux! What’s next?…Will there be a next??


The Steam developers did as they promised and released steam for Linux users. For the time being one has to go through a myriad of questions before registering to use the first batch, but it is well worth it. Say goodbye to playonlinux and even wine for some users,(you penguin fans out there know what I’m talking about!), and say hello to streamline game compilation and playing!

Keep in mind however that the software is currently still in beta,(one of the beginning stages for software), so there still may be some bugs present. Nevertheless, this is a huge deal for Linux users and the Linux community overall, as a mainstream software is entering the Linux world.

With this being said, does this step made by the steam developers begin a new era for Linux as a competing operating system? Will there be a following major software developer who will create a Linux-friendly option; Adobe premier perhaps for the video editors? Photoshop for the artists? Cisco network monitoring software for the ITs in the world?

In all honesty, the Steam buzz may just be an over-sensationalized occurrence, and may perhaps be the only leap of a major software developer into the tuxedo world, but let’s keep are fingers crossed for this to be incorrect, shall we?

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