First Look: Apple entering the phablet and smartwatch market?


As per usual, there is a plethora of speculations acroos the internet as to what the next iphone will have and look like, or any other Apple product for that matter. Let’s take a look at the currently trending ,(and pretty much solidified), info on what Apple will be bringing to us.


The Iphone “6”

I use the number six loosely as who knows if Apple will step up to the next number or next letter! As per usual, we expect a higher resolution screen,(1080p), faster processor,(A7), and an updated operating system (iOS 8). Some newer and unique upgrades could possibly be the introduction of Near Field Communication,(NFC) for wireless charging and use of your iphone as a virtual credit card.

Now perhaps the biggest update would be the much alleged introduction of a much bigger sized iphone. This is  highly supported by most tech analysts, as apple needs to keep up with the growing popularity of the phablet market. The iphone 6 is not believed to only be available in the estimated 4.8 inch display however, it is instead expected to be the larger size offered amongst a “mini” regular and “XL” size option.


The iWatch

After a few tip offs from Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, its pretty much guaranteed that Apple will be introducing a smart watch. It is now just a matter of what and when it will be. In recent news, Apple has been found purchasing the schematics for  curved glass screen technology, as well as working with Intel on the design and specifications of the new watch.

As for the features of the watch, Peter Burrows and Olga Kharif presented the most solid prediction as they stated,

“Features under consideration include letting users make calls, see the identity of incoming callers and check map coordinates …. It would also house a pedometer for counting steps and sensors for monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates…”

Peter Burrows & Olga Kharif – Bloomberg


Basically speaking, Apple is going to have to keep up with all the other smart watches being released, so expect at the very least all the features you currently find on its competitors,(but of course it’s Apple, so also expect something a bit unique!).

Release Dates?

Currently, the iphone 6 is believed to definitely be released in late 2014, possibly June,(around the usual time of their release cycle). As for the iWatch, Apple is believed to be speeding up the development to enter the market while it’s still early, but nothing is expected to be released  until mid to late 2014 as well,(perhaps a dual release with thier iphone phablet?).

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